By Alex Fine


My name is Brittany Robertson, I am an actor and have been working in the entertainment industry for 20 years. As an actor, we work long hours, often times going from one project to the next, without much time for our personal lives.

Growing up in a fast paced industry, I was taught to remain professional at all times, which can be challenging if I don’t feel mentally, physically, and spiritually well. I’ve tried to continuously make an effort to put focus on these important parts of my personal life, even when it doesn’t feel like there is enough time to do so. There are also moments in my career where I’ve had more time off than I am used to, but I’ve learned to use this time wisely and work towards becoming a more well-rounded version of myself. For me this focus most often includes a combination of a consistent workout routine, talk therapy, meditation, and community work.

Wellness can look very different for people and one size definitely doesn’t fit all. I have felt like the best version of myself when I pay attention to what my mind and body need, so these combinations often times will change depending on where I’m at. Sometimes the type of wellness that I might need won’t come just from within but also from the world around me. Staying involved with people outside of my own experiences can help me gain a much needed perspective, which is why being involved in my community has been hugely beneficial.

Even if my personal wellness routine changes, what I always try to maintain is consistency. Whether I'm on location for work or in Los Angeles, I have noticed that when my dedication to wellness falls away, other aspects of my life suffer. To be successful in life, I have to feel healthy. What I have learned is we can’t always be in control of our reality, life will throw us curve balls and we have to be ready to adjust. I am most prepared to take on these challenges when I am mentally strong and equipped with the tools to handle myself.

Lastly, this is not an easy process. Actively working to be the best version of yourself in a consistent way, can be challenging at times. With that said, I also try to be patient with myself and surround myself with a good team for support. Life is a long journey, with not a lot in our control, all we can do is be the best versions of ourselves and do our best to bring that to the world we’re living in.