By Marc Keiser


Going to the Olympics is every kids dream. But for me it was winning the Olympics. Ever since I was a troubled kid, all I could remember was getting into trouble. First it was futbal (soccer), Secondly it was Fencing. I thought fencing was incredible right away. The reaction speed, the quick twitch muscles, the mental warfare and the pure essence of sword fighting drew me in right away.

So when I dedicated my life and did just that. Two Olympics later, 1 Medal and Many More to win. I was always told that I was naturally talented but those who work harder than anyone else. Will always win. So I would sacrifice time with my friends and family so I could stand on top of that podium. I would spend 4 hours a day from 15 years old to perfect my craft. I was always there before anyone including my coach. I would take the train from New York to competitions in NJ, CT, MA on my own. I would study videos of myself and only myself . If I could perfect my craft, nobody would be able to beat me.

I would train for my first Olympics by taking a year off my first year of college. I would move to New York and work by myself to be the best fencer that this planet has ever seen. Those 5 am workouts would be my favorite. Those 9PM footwork drills would make me unstoppable. I would learn discipline to the fullest.

Now, going into this next Olympic. I will work on becoming an all around savage. I want to be the fastest, most explosive, flexible, strongest, and mentally above all. So I will dedicate all the time now during this OffSeason until the Olympics and World Championships start up again.