I always wanted to be a dad but I wanted to wait till I found the woman who I wanted to spend the rest of my life with.  I had no idea what that woman looked like or what her personality would be or any of the intangibles. I just knew I wanted to be with a woman who I was absolutely infatuated with from her core being. Love with anything that people deemed as imperfections and she would love my imperfections as well.

I found that woman when I was 24. Some people say that might be too young and that I was mad, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. I found the woman who I knew I couldn’t live without and I didn’t want to waste a moment with her. That woman is my wife Cassie Fine who I fell in love with and will never let go.  We never had a set plan of when we wanted to have a baby we both knew that we were in so much love and whenever God decided for us was the perfect time.

One Night about a year ago I woke Cassie up because I was screaming in my sleep “ITS A GIRL, ITS A GIRL” the next morning she took 8 pregnancy tests and all of them read pregnant. I remember that moment and feeling so vividly. It was pure bliss and from that day forward my life has been changed for the better.  I was able to attend every ultrasound and was filled with excitement and anticipation. Then around 3 months we were able to find out what gender our baby was. There was no doubt in my mind that it was going to be a boy. I felt I had so much testosterone that there’s no way it wasn’t a boy… so naive. That day at the ultrasound we found out our baby is a girl and I broke down because I knew that she would be wrapped around my finger and I would do anything and everything to make her proud of her dad. My heart instantly filled with this warmth and I was smitten since. 

Everyone including family always asked “are you nervous” but truth was I was the least bit nervous. I knew our baby girl would be surrounded by two loving parents and I was secure enough in my career to give her everything she needs.  I was also blessed that my wife was a beast through pregnancy and made the house perfect for her arrival. 

Months passed and we rush to the hospital because were about to have our baby.  After witnessing her pain through it I realized how tough females are and us men really aren’t shit compared to them. The moment I saw my daughter I was in shock and awe. It's the greatest most indescribable feeling in the world. The amount of shear Love and admiration for this little girl made me feel like I am the luckiest man on earth. These two girls push me to be the greatest version of myself and I wake up every morning so happy and appreciative of sharing the same space as these two angels.  I often wonder why me? Why did God or fate choose me? Choose me to take care of these girls. How did I get so lucky??? Its like a glitch in the matrix or something I’m beyond elated holding these two in my arms everyday. 

I wish everyone could experience the love I have for my wife and daughter and I suggest that you be yourself from day 1 so people can love you for who you really are and to always share how appreciative you are to have the people who you love in your life.  

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