By Alex Fine

The best partnerships are ones rooted in friendship, family and a shared vision. ALMOST HOME founder Alex Fine and KEISER CLARK Co-Founder and Creative Director Marc Keiser connected almost two years ago when Fine reached out to Keiser looking for some clothes to wear for a shoot. A few months later, Keiser would dress Fine for his proposal to artist Cassie Fine at the Compton Cowboys Ranch, and on Christmas Eve 2019 Fine would message Keiser, “You ready to drop a dope workout line!” To which Keiser replied, “Hell yeah!” It was done.

After Keiser spent the first month of 2020 travelling internationally for sales and press appointments in connection with Keiser Clark’s Autumn/ Winter 2020 collection Keiser was craving to get back into the gym. When Keiser got back to his home in Los Angeles, Fine hit Keiser up and told him to come workout with him at 6AM. “I drove out to Venice in early February at 5:30AM, just to have Fine try to kill me,” Keiser jokes, “but each day after that I kept showing up and Fine kept trying to kill me. We’re both a little insane,” says Keiser. Over the next couple months Fine and Keiser would conceptualize the ALMOST HOME X KEISER CLARK collection during their 6AM workouts between the Vejo Gym in Venice and Fine’s Home in LA. “If you’ve worked out with Fine you know he literally welcomes you into his home like family to train you,” says Keiser. “When I reached out to Keiser originally, he responded like I was already a part of his family,” says Fine.

Today, “Fine is like a brother to me,” says Keiser. “There’s a pretty insane bond you build with someone who is trying to kill you at 6AM every day,” continues Keiser. Fine feels the same. “With each one of my clients I train there’s a bond that gets built…my clients range from CEOs, to musicians and actors to pro-athletes and most of them never really get a moment one-on-one moment with anyone because there’s always people around them,” Fine says. “And it’s the same with Keiser,” Fine continues, “when he comes into the gym it’s just him and I taking a beat, being real with one another, and trying to survive a workout together.”

Fine dedicated his life to helping others through fitness and wellness and ALMOST HOME is the embodiment of his dedication. The community based platform connects you with the best trainers, coaches, yoga instructors, nutritionists, life coaches, therapists, and entrepreneurs; features fitness and wellness programs for a healthy body, expert advice and shared stories to inspire your mind, and some top tier gear to keep you looking good and stay motivated while you're working towards your individual goals – cue KEISER CLARK on the assist.

What ALMOST HOME and KEISER CLARK share is a foundation in community and family, and a shared goal to improve the lives of others for the better. “Where just two guys doing what we love and working each day to reach back and improve the lives of those around us however we can,” says Fine. The collection is designed for working out but keeping an everyday comfort in mind. With a vintage style heathered-grey terry sweat short set finished with a retro-fitted LA crackle print design, patch trucker hat, athletic socks, men’s compression shorts, and – an excitingly new entry into the women’s market for Keiser Clark - an intertwined strap-back sports bra and compression short set. The collection also expands Keiser Clark’s recycled vintage program with upcycled vintage bull-riding tees with a combined ALMOST HOME and KEISER CLARK logo down the spine of the shirt: A nod to Fine’s bull riding past.